K-2 Program For Children With Special Needs

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K-2 Program For Children With Special Needs

Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center’s Bridge Builders Program provides a supportive classroom environment with intensive services at the early elementary level to help bridge the gap after preschool with the goal that the student can go back to their home district at first or second grade in a less restrictive environment.

This program is for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2 utilizing the DIR Floortime approach to frame instruction geared toward building students’ academic skills. This approach allows our team to focus on the child’s strengths and emotional interests while meeting them where they are at. The 6:1:1 and 8:1:1 classrooms are organized into sensory, symbolic, and semi-structured spaces.


The Bridge Builders K-2 classrooms use a multidisciplinary team approach to meet our students’ individual needs. Our teams include a special education teacher, teacher aide, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, social worker, music therapist, education coordinator, school building leader and parents.

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Program Features

The student’s day is from 8:30am – 2:00pm. During the day our students engage in a curriculum that address their individual capacities and guide them up the developmental ladder that is in alignment with the New York State Common Core Curriculum. The Unique Curriculum is evidence based and used to deliver differentiated lessons and activities to ensure that the student’s needs are met. This combined with the DIR Floortime approach help to meet the students where they are at and build on their strengths. In addition, the students receive social emotional learning, physical education, art and music on a daily basis.

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How can I get my child enrolled in this program?

Children in grades kindergarten to second, with a diagnosis of Autism, Other Health Impairment or Speech Impairment may be eligible for our school-aged program. If you have concerns about your child's development or would like to inquire about an evaluation, contact the Committee on Special Education of your local school district. While we appreciate your interest in our program, all student referrals must go through your school district’s committee on special education.

For more information about the Program or to learn more about the process of enrollment, please contact Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center at (716) 844-7702.
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