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Preschool Literacy Programs

Our Leap into Literacy program serves preschoolers ages 3-5 years old and helps to build the foundation for strong literacy skills.

We believe that instruction during the preschool period should focus on emergent literacy skills, which will lay the foundation for success with later conventional forms of literacy.

Using multi-sensory, fun, and engaging activities we help students establish excellent language and literacy skills necessary for kindergarten and beyond! The program aims to set the stage for success with school-age reading and empower parents with additional tools to work on language and literacy skills at home.

Program Goals

The Leap into Literacy Program May Be Able to Help:
Auditory Processing
What you do with what you hear
Phonological Awareness
Hearing, identifying and manipulating words, syllables, sounds and rhyme that comprise spoken language
Print Knowledge/Phonics
Book handling, alphabet and environmental print knowledge and sound-letter correspondence
Receptive & Expressive Language
Understanding and using vocabulary, grammar and concepts
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Program Enrollment

Leap into Literacy Program
Available exclusively at our office located at
50 E. North Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation must be completed prior to starting program. Contact our scheduling desk at (716) 885-8318 for an appointment.

Registration and Supply fee due at enrollment reserves a spot in the class (can enroll before or after evaluation)

We participate with most major insurance providers. Health Insurance may help offset out-of-pocket costs of this program.

To determine your individual costs related to this program, we strongly recommend contacting a representative of your health insurance provider to inquire about your specific habilitative speech-language therapy benefits.

Know Your Insurance
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