Literacy, Social & OT Programs Testimonials

Leap into Literacy

Our son has shown a real love for learning. The setting and excellent teachers have provided our son with the tools he will need for being successful.
- Parent
The program is something every child should have. My child learns more in 90 minutes than an entire week at daycare!
- Parent
I wish they had this program for my 7 year old daughters before they started school. I would highly recommend this to all preschool age children.
- Parent

Social Communications

I can see the wheels turning, as he thinks of skills he’s learned, then applies them. His social confidence has grown considerably.
- Parent
He is happier and making and receiving phone calls from peers now. He is learning to regulate his behaviors too.
- Parent
This program’s curriculum is one of the best I’ve seen.
- Parent

Language to Literacy

Thank you for your help. I don’t feel so nervous to start 5th grade!
- Student, Age 8
This program helped me because it made me want to read more. It helps with confidence to read. Don’t be afraid to come, it helps!
- Student, Age 6
Significant improvements across the board for my child and continues daily. Organizational strategies and memorization skills were most helpful for keeping her on track with learning and are still being utilized in her schooling now. We are looking forward to Phase II.
- Parent

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