Handwriting Improvement Program

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For Children Ages 6-13

Does Your Child Have Difficulty…

  • Listening and paying attention?
  • Following directions?
  • Getting and staying organized?
  • Visually recalling information?
  • Completing arts and crafts?
  • Handwriting?
  • Reading?

Does your child have a diagnosis such as sensory processing disorder, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, a gross or fine motor delay, or visual processing delay that is impacting their ability to write neatly?

Handwriting improvement program position2

Back to Basics Approach

School-age students who struggle with handwriting have often missed some critical building block skills necessary for academic success in their early years. We take a “Back to Basics” approach, teaching key skills in a hierarchical way. The program is not tutoring, but rather a sensory motor intervention aimed at attacking the root cause of the deficit. The Handwriting Improvement Program™ is run by a highly qualified occupational therapist!
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Program Goals

BHSC’s Sensory Motor Program™ May Be Able To Help…
  1. Organization Skills
  2. Attention
  3. Visual Processing Skills
  4. Sensory Processing Skills
  5. Motor coordination
Each of these skills is necessary for legible handwriting!

Program Cost and Enrollment Information

The program is private pay. A comprehensive gross motor, visual motor and handwriting evaluation needs to be completed and can be scheduled at any one of our clinics.
For more information please call (716) 885-8318.
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