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What is a School Social Worker?

School Social Workers are the professionals best equipped to address the social and emotional issues that can block student success. School social workers hold a master's degree in Social Work (MSW) and have received specialized training in cultural diversity, systems theory, social justice, risk assessment and intervention, consultation and collaboration, and clinical intervention strategies to address the mental health needs of students of all ages. School Social Workers are trained to think of innovative solutions to complex problems and have a specialized expertise in understanding family and community systems and linking students and their families with community services essential to promoting student success.  The BHSC social work team provides services for students who need counseling and/or play therapy as indicated on the student’s IEP.

Invisible in canal (IIC)

Excerpt Source: NASW-NYS School Social Worker Task Force in Collaboration with NYSSSWA

BHSC Social Work Department

The BHSC School Social Workers are everything mentioned above and more, because of the population of our students, our social workers also receive additional trainings in special education, working with students with developmental delays, sensory integration interventions, and play-based counseling clinical treatment modalities and interventions. Our BHSC School Social Workers collaborate with students, parents, teachers, therapists, administration, and other supportive staff to deliver individualized social and emotional support services.
Some of the services School Social Workers provide include, but are not limited to:
  1. Provide IEP mandated, and voluntary, individual and group play-based counseling services.
  2. Assess the overall well-being of each student utilizing a whole-person family-systems approach.
  3. Work with each student’s educational and therapy teams to provide the best care for your child.
  4. Identify barriers that may be hindering your student’s education and/or connecting you and your family with community resources to ensure basic needs like food, shelter and clothing are being met.
  5. Provide training and educational opportunities for staff and parents.

Helpful Resource Links for Families

Family Help Center
24 Hour Family Helpline: 716.892.2172

Parent Network of WNY
Family Support Line: 716-332-4170

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