Auditory Processing Evaluations

An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a weakness in the way the brain processes and interprets the incoming auditory signal. 

Those with APD can have an essentially normal hearing evaluation, however, they struggle processing auditory information.  This may be because the brain is unable to properly interpret the incoming information, which can impact multiple academic and communication areas.  These may include listening, learning, language, speech production, spelling, reading, socializing, and problem solving.  APD evaluations are administered by audiologists and can be performed on those seven years of age and older.   

Our Audiologists analyze the results of testing and devise a comprehensive therapy plan with the help of a multidisciplinary team.  Additionally, our Speech Pathologists often provide intervention services that include compensatory strategies to both the patient and those working with the patient.

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Auditory Processing Eval

How is Auditory Processing Disorder diagnosed?

For the majority of patients, the presence of APD can be determined during a single appointment with one of our Audiologists. During this appointment, several tests will be administered and analyzed, then reviewed with the patient and/or family following testing. At the end of this 60-90 minute visit, a better understanding of the individual’s specific areas of concern will be addressed and recommendations will be discussed.
Diagnostic Tests that are administered:
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