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How a Physical Therapist Can Help

Physical therapists at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center work with pediatrics in a variety of ways. Physical therapy treatment focuses on improving strength, balance, coordination, endurance, postural control, safety awareness, and motor planning. Improvements in these areas can be necessary for children to be successful in the school environment and to be able to learn and play with peers.
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Observations That May Warrant a Physical Therapy Screen or Evaluation:

  • Slow to obtain appropriate gross motor skills, such as, running, jumping, catching and throwing balls, and safe stair navigation
  • Fatigue after brief periods of physical activity
  • Wide base of support during walking and sitting
  • Frequent tripping when walking, running or changing surfaces
  • Difficulty remaining upright when sitting in chair (slumping in chair or resting arms on table for support)
  • Apprehensive or fearful to climb playground equipment
  • Preference to remain stationary on the floor during play

If your child is experiencing any of the difficulties above, contact your local Committee on Preschool Special Education (ages 3-5 years old) or local Early Intervention (EI) services (ages 0-3 years old) to inquire about an evaluation. For more information about physical therapy services offered through Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center, please call 716-885-8318.

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