Oral Deaf Education Program

Oral Deaf Education Program

The focus of the Oral Deaf Education Program at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center is to teach children with hearing loss age-appropriate language skills using The Listening and Spoken Language approach. Using this approach makes mainstreaming into a district classroom a realistic option.
The Listening and Spoken Language approach teaches children who are deaf and hard of hearing to become proficient in spoken language to use it as their primary means of communication. Using this approach in the Oral Deaf Education Program at Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center makes mainstreaming into a district classroom for kindergarten a realistic option for many children.

Intensive therapy sessions are provided to achieve individualized language goals and objectives for each child, within a 5 hour school day.

Children are organized into small groups for very focused spoken language instruction for part of the day. The rest of their day is spent in a classroom that resembles any early childhood or preschool setting.


Parents play an extremely important role in their child's program. Parent training and support groups are offered to help parents understand deafness and their child's education.

Upon completion of the program, our goal is to successfully mainstream children who are ready into classes with hearing peers.


OPTION Schools, Inc

As a member of OPTION Schools, Inc, we collaborate with other leaders in the listening and spoken language field to ensure the best outcomes and up to date services for the children that we serve. We invite you to come in, tour the Program, meet the staff, and hear the chatter of the children!

We Believe...

  • Deaf children CAN learn to talk.
  • Parents are a key element and the more they learn, the more they can help their child.
  • Learning to talk is easier when children have access to sound.
  • The earlier children talk the faster they learn and the better they get at talking.
  • The more parents learn, the more they can help.
For more information about the Oral Deaf Education Program or to learn more about the process of enrollment, please contact Keri DiPasquale at 716-885-8318.
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