I was totally floored with the feeding session that I observed. This is a child who is a G tube kid, significant issues with feeding all along and she is chewing & eating and ate a hamburger during the session I observed. This therapist, Katie, is AMAZING!! I never thought I would see the progress that was made with this child. I really hope I'm fortunate enough to get another case with Katie again soon.
- Early Intervention Service Coordinator
A quick note to let you know that Kerri was awesome. I'm sure you know that, but I felt I'd be remiss in not letting you know how great she was with Matthew. He takes a bit to warm up and especially in new situations. She really respected this and was also able to engage him and get involvement and smiles during her food play activities. By the time we left, he was quite comfortable and asked to play some more. I also learned a lot from watching her. I sat back and really enjoyed watching her ideas to engage with food. I thought I was doing food play after talking with you...I learned that I need to step up my game.
- Tracy, mother of Matthew

Thank you for meeting with me and helping me understand my concussion symptoms better.  I appreciate your warmth, knowledge, and humor.  I hope to have a chance to work with you.  I want you to know that I feel much better from the affirmation and guidance you gave me during my evaluation. 

- Kate S

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