Clinic Speech Evaluations and Therapy for Adults

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Clinic Speech Evaluations and Therapy for Adults

Adults may need a speech-language evaluation to determine how best to treat communication difficulties that often originate from disease or injury, or that are developmental in nature. Stroke, brain injury, dementia, head and neck cancer, and progressive neurological diseases are some of the causes of speech and language difficulties.

Pronouncing words or sounds, speaking clearly or fluently, retrieving familiar words when speaking, understanding what others say, remembering people, places, & events, and trouble with reading and writing are some of the challenges that can be present.

A typical evaluation can take about two hours and we encourage significant others and/or family members to attend with their loved one.

Here is what you can expect to take place during the assessment:

Speech-Language Evaluations can also be provided for:

Accent Modification
Voice and Communication Change for Transgender People
“Individuals may seek gender affirmation services to make their voice and/or other aspects of their communication congruent with their gender identity and/or gender expression. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) provide expertise in modifying the voice and other aspects of communication. The SLP, in collaboration with the client, assesses a variety of aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication, such as vocal pitch, intonation, voice quality, resonance, fluency, articulation, pragmatics, and vocalization (e.g., laughing and coughing). Studies indicate that a voice that is incongruent with gender identity can negatively impact quality of life, in addition to attracting unwanted attention and greatly impacting safety (Oates & Dacakis, 2015).” - ASHA
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