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If you wish to be an effective and confident communicator when using the English language, BHSC can help!

Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in our office setting; other repairs will need to be sent to the manufacturer. If you should experience an issue with your hearing aid, call our office and we will help you determine what kind of repair is necessary.

Our programs address the areas of Spoken English and Listening Comprehension through improved pronunciation, clarity and confidence of speech. We target personal or professional goals that will help you succeed at the conversational level.

Programs are designed to increase your intelligibility when using the English language. An in-depth assessment of sound, word and sentence level abilities allows us to determine which elements of the English language you need to improve upon to make your Spoken English understandable to the listener.

It is our belief that to pronounce the sounds of the English language correctly, you must FIRST be able to HEAR the sound correctly. In other words, if you are not hearing a sound or sound pattern correctly, you must train your ears before your mouth.

Researchers agree that once you can successfully identify (hear) the sound with at least 50% accuracy, you may then begin to train your mouth to correctly produce that sound.

BHSC uses an auditory, visual and kinesthetic approach to English language learning.

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