Hearing Aids & Devices

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids, worn either in the ear or behind the ear, make it possible for a person with hearing loss to listen and communicate while participating in their daily activities. Hearing aids are used to listen to sound, amplify the sound, and then send that sound through a speaker to the ear. Would you like to see more about available hearing aids and accompanying technology?

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The Baha system is an amplification option that offers direct bone conduction for those patients with a conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, single sided deafness, chronic drainage from middle ear disease, or for those who do not have a normally shaped ear. A processor worn behind the ear detects sound vibration and transfers it to the implant, allowing it to completely bypass the outer and middle ear and directly stimulate the inner ear. While young children will wear this processor on a headband, older children and adults may have an abutment surgically placed in the bone behind the ear. This abutment, which is made of titanium, will become a permanent structure of the bone.

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Musician Earplugs

Finding the right ear protection is vital for musicians to not only perform their jobs, but also prevent hearing loss. Because of the nature of their work, musicians are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Tinnitus, a ringing in the ears sensation, can be present with or without hearing loss, and while not life-threatening, can seriously deteriorate the quality of life for an individual.

Both custom and non-custom products are available for musicians to help hearing health including:

Hearing Aid Devices Noise Protection

Noise Protection Earmolds

Noise protection earmolds reduce the harmful environmental noises and conditions that can cause damage to your hearing. Earmolds are available to help in various environments, such as:

  • Swimming
  • Surfings, Sleeping
  • Motorsport
  • Industrial Protection
  • Hunting
  • Loud Music
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