Speech Language Teletherapy Sessions

Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center offers the option of Teletherapy for Speech Language Evaluations and Therapy. Teletherapy is done by using an internet-based platform to conduct speech-language-voice therapy sessions. The platform allows for video and audio interfacing between the clinician and the client in real time. Teletherapy has proven to be beneficial for patients of all age, including as young as 2 years old, with proper parental support.

Speech and Language Disorders

Telehealth allows for access to speech therapy to populations who might not otherwise be able. For some, transportation is a barrier when trying to access healthcare. For clients with a lack of transportation options, or whose commute to clinics would be long or frustrating, telehealth offers a much more convenient option; which can be very important when working with clients who have difficulty with transitioning from place to place.

Teletherapy offers the opportunity for increased family and caregiver involvement, especially in toddler and preschooler sessions where there is a great advantage to the therapy model since it allows for lots of clinician modeling/parent coaching and parent practice in every session. Offering therapy "in the home" virtually, with the client's own daily environment, can help support carryover of skills outside the therapy sessions which will lead to quicker progress over time.

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Is teletherapy right for you?

Teletherapy may not be the best fit for every situation. Technology, attention, and access needs can impact the decision whether telehealth is right for you. For example, the client must have access to the technology in order to participate in each session. For younger clients, attention to a screen may not be sustained, so the clinician must focus more on parent coaching and modeling techniques for the parent to try with their child. For clients who use an alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) device to communicate, using multiple screens can be distracting and screen sharing via telehealth platform can be cumbersome and inefficient. For clients with hearing loss, it may be more difficult to communicate via telehealth due to audio-visual delays in signing and speech-reading as well as reduced audio quality compared to in-person.

If you are interested in learning more about how teletherapy can benefit you, please call and speak with one of our Speech Language Pathologists at (716) 885-8318.

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Developmental Speech Language Teletherapy Sessions

(From the American-Speech Language Hearing Association)